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This is where I will speak my mind and maybe write inspiration as I go along. It's not here for you but more for me.

And every once in a while, those old knots seem to work themselves out when you’ve gone and given up…

Apparently I am desperate…. thats why I fell for a guy that told me I was beautiful while covered in soot and dripping wet…. who could talk with me and wanted to kiss and hold me….. yup thats totally it I am just desperate….. 

And in that moment I should have known, A dream so real, was actually a memory she stole. She can have him as long as she holds his heart, While I lay mine down to stitch another scar…..



People say all the time to have hope, because it is so beautiful and sweet. It’s a lie. Hope is this illusion that tears you up inside in the end. And it sucks cause you have hope about a situation or a person bit really you are just fooling yourself and it sucks! Why do we do it to ourselves? Why?

A friend called me today…. She said that she had to talk to me about “The Boy” and couldn’t say it out right. so she texted me. He told her ” I’ve never felt this way about anything or anyone I don’t know how to explain it its just a great feeling I just want to be with you.” this was after their annual goodnight I love you’d.

When I asked if this was all she stopped then told me that she thought she more than loved him. I asked her if she meant, maybe, that she was In love with him. She wasn’t sure and I said alright. She asked me what to do and I asked her to specify. She said she thought she was in love but wasn’t sure it was possible. I asked her why. Her reply was that “it has only been 3 months, like, is that even possible?” 

My answer is this: Love really doesn’t have much of a time limit. It only knows depth really. The real question is to what depth do you feel this emotion? For it can not be truly defined to an extent. The only number you can really put on this is the number of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, even years that have gone by since you realized it.

I like this blog, I’m not catering to people, not having to worry about who is looking at it…. hell I might as well post a bit on each of my step parents! No one can judge! and yes its plural

Family dinner went all right tonight, school before that was okay too, but things aren’t the best when you two best friend (who are also dating as of a few months before) are fighting.

       Worst part is he is under the assumption it’s some kind of break (oh god, I trust this guy with my life, does this not speak volumes about what an idiot I am?)

And she says they are over as in completely broken up….. (first person to meet her when she moved here first person to befriend her, we go way back… but He is the person I can’t live without I think…)

Normally I would help a friend work out the situation but not with these two, had either of them been dating any other person it’s be different. So, told them I was not in the middle, confiding in me was one thing but I refuse to take sides (mainly because I fear who’s side I am actually on…..)